Skill Suggestions

About Skill Suggestions (1)
[Music] Spotify (6)
[Media Center] Kodi (7)
[3rd party device] Chromecast Audio (10)
[Music] Google Play Music (2)
[3rd party device] Chromecast (3)
[Productivity] Dictionary to get Meaning and Pronounciation of a word (9)
[3rd party device] Roku (1)
[Content understanding] Transcription service (4)
[Programming] Online GUI Skills Builder (2)
[Security] Three authentication factors (3)
[Productivity] RescueTime (1)
[Productivity] Pomodoro (1)
[Productivity] Hamradio stuff (2)
[Content understanding] Answer questions based on a parsed text document (1)
[Security] Parental Controls (1)