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Skill Suggestions

[Productivity] RescueTime (1)
[Productivity] To do tasks and lists (3)
[Productivity] Google Tone URL transmission (5)
[Productivity] Email client (4)
[Productivity] Reminders (3)
Skill-Recommendation-Skill (2)
Mattermost for Mycroft (18)
Link IBM Watson, CYC research, and Tensorflow together on Mycroft (1)
[Languages] Set Mycroft's language (2)
Can MyCroft monitor sounds that aren't speech? (11)
[Languages] Bilingual Mycroft (1)
Volumio player integration (6)
[Productivity] Nextcloud (3)
[Productivity] Alarms (2)
Just Eat skill (Takeaway order skill) (2)
[Productivity] Voice Memo Skill (1)
[Home automation] IoT set a scene (1)
[Learning] Flashcards (Anki integration) (6)
[3rd party device] Homeseer integration (1)
[Productivity] Find my phone (1)
Replika skill for mycroft (6)
[Teaching] Simple mycroft teaching (1)
Baby alarm / monitoring (1)
[Home automation] mycroft-symcon (1)
IFTTT integration (2)
Random Topic Pro and Contra Arguments (1)
3d printer control or octoprint api intigration (2)