About the Mycroft Project category


Mycroft Project Category

This category is for posts about the Mycroft Project specifically, not general questions and feedback (that can go in general discussion).

Some example types of posts are the following:

  • Posts about Mycroft’s source code.
  • Regarding the installation of Mycroft on a device.
  • Ideas for the technical improvement of the project.

If you have any ideas for what else should be covered within the category, let us know.


What about skills/app development?


What language is Mycroft written in? (one for the FAQ?)


As for Mycroft itself, I don’t know. As for the apps people can write for it, I recall someone mentioning any headless program can potentially work with Mycroft.


Sounds good if we could use Mycroft remotely as well…
We need to have proper connectivity for this as well…