Add Device Page is Blank

Hello there! Very new to using Mycroft and was trying to add a device earlier today. Unfortunately, I encountered an error. When loading Account (, the page is blank.
Checking the console, it seems there are two errors popping up:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘city’)
ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_rawValidators’)

Logging in via Google isn’t working as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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same issue here but i’m not new

i have 2 devices registered. trying to register 3rd but add page is blank

Hey samkash! Checked the site about an hour ago and it seems to be loading properly! Haven’t gone through the process though.


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Hey there,

I can’t seem to replicate this. Can you try hitting Ctrl+Shift+R to force a full refresh?

If you are still seeing it please let us know what OS and browser you’re using.


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Hi thanks for getting back to me! The problem seems to have resolved itself already.

Thank you! For reference I am using Windows 11 on Microsoft Edge

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Yes, it looks good for me now too. I’d guess it was related to

or whatever update you’re referring to in there.

either way all good now. thx

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