AMZN Music Skill - testing and feedback


There should be a few more lines related to that in the log?


yes sure:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/mycroft-core/mycroft/skills/”, line 144, in load_skill
raise e
File “/home/pi/mycroft-core/mycroft/skills/”, line 140, in load_skill
File “/opt/mycroft/skills/amzn-music-skill.domcross/”, line 44, in initialize = AmazonMusic(credentials=[self.username, self.password])
File “/opt/mycroft/skills/amzn-music-skill.domcross/”, line 109, in init
raise Exception(“Unable to find appConfig in {}”.format(r.content))


If you want I can send to you the sill log, is to biig to post here


Have you set up your credentials?


I am afraid I can’t help here as I am in the EU region and don’t see that captcha message.
As a last resort I will open an issue in the Github repository of the AmazonMusic Python-library that I use. Give a few days…


@brrn There is already an issue “Cannot get past captcha” open. The author replied with following comment

In the mean time, the only thing I can suggest is trying to bypass the “your account is a bit suspicious” flag on Amazon’s servers, by logging in on a computer from the same IP. If that still doesn’t work, maybe we can make it easier to import cookies from a browser-based session.

Maybe you can try the first part (log in from a computer with the same IP)?

The second option (copying cookies from a browser session) could be worth a try as well, but will involve more work (didn’t try it myself).


Skills for different music services seem to be one of the key success factor for smart/voice assistants: Music for Mycroft - What does the Community want?

My AMZN music skill will be a contribution to that demand, but I am not sure how to proceed now as the results are mixed:

  • Skill works for my Amazon EU-domain account
  • Users with US-domain accounts (@baconator and @brrn) see captcha error message and there is no final solution to it.

Summing up it seems that currently I am the only who has succesfully used this skill. This does not look as a good reference to promote the skill to the Market place, or does it?

On a side note: I am near to the end of my free 90-day trial period for the Amazon music subscription and I am not planning to turn it into a permanent paid subscription (in case you wonder why: this was a fun project to improve my Python programming skills…) - although I would be willing to afford one or two additional paid months if necessary to finalize development of this skill.

attn: @eric-mycroft @gez-mycroft


I’m glad you wrote it, if nothing else it’s demonstrated more of why I tend not to use amz music (despite having a bunch of music on there) often. Who knows, maybe there’s some other folks who are able to get it working and haven’t said anything.

And if you’re not a normal user or getting significant feedback otherwise, I’d probably skip subscribing further.


sorry, but in these days I cannot made more tests, I’ll try to do more this week, I reinstall Mycroft and I’ll try again with your skill.
I’m using an European account (Italy), I have the PRIME Acoount.
I’ll update you after more test.
do you think I have to Install this: AmazonMusic Python-library ?


Hi @Uakkauakkafo,

Thanks in advance for your testing efforts. You don’t have to install the AmazonMusic Python library as I already integrated it into the AMZN Music Skill.


Ok thanks, I’ll try to make some tests in this week and document all the test, in order to try to give to you all the feedback needed.


Damn it, I remember why I haven’t tested this skill now. You have to enable DRM just to create an account. Full disclosure - I’m not Amazons greatest fan…

If it were me, I would subscribe to the captcha issue and wait for some movement on that rather than paying Amazon for something you aren’t really using.

If the skill is working for non-US citizens, that’s still a sizable portion of Mycroft users so you could submit it to the Marketplace with a clear (EU only) or (non-US only) warning?

If there’s anywhere you can submit feedback / feature requests to Amazon we can start a lobbying effort like some community members have with Spotify.


@Uakkauakkafo or anyone else with EU-account can you report any progress in your testing effort?
I kindly ask to report back as soon as possible as the testing period of my account is ending soon…


Hi @Dominik i tried several time last weekend but without success, this week i can’t try, I’ll try again next week, I’m collecting all the error and log messages for you.