Any compatible bluetooth speakers (mic&audio)?

I’m interested to build a picroft connected with an external bluetooth speaker like this:

have someone try it with positive results?..can maybe list the compatible devices or bluetooth version(as a standard should works with different devices that match the same bluetooth version)?

Very interesting product.
But I wonder if the build-in mic is sufficient for voice control, especially at some distance… Probably not.

If you happen to buy it and test it, could you please provide a small feedback ?

I have this on my todo list, but have not reached that part of the list yet. However these are my notes;

Make your bluetooth speaker connected to your device through PulseAudio;

And then leave all the audio stuff to Pulseaudio by using the pulse alsa plugin using this as .asoundrc / asound.conf

pcm.pulse {
type pulse

ctl.pulse {
type pulse

No clue if it works, butr I would say; Give it a try and let us know.