Aplay on Raspberry Pi 4 freezing

Hi, I got mycroft set up on a raspberry pi using a Respeaker 6 mic array and an externally powered speaker. I used the Picroft scripts to do so.

It works well for anywhere from 5-10 minutes before it completely stops working. Mycroft then no longer recognizes any mic input, nor does it play anything from the speaker. As I investigated, I found that it always happens as mycroft is playing something back to me. After looking at the running processes after it froze, I found a line like this:

aplay -Dac101 /tmp/mycroft/cache/tts/Mimic2/f9776f93ac975cd47b598e34d9242d18.wav

Now, this command never completes, and completely locks up the mic array (which the speaker is plugged into). I’ve never been able to reproduce this issue outside of mycroft. Going in and killing the process does fix the issue, but again this happens after 5 or 10 minutes of use, every time.

Am I missing something to fix this? Is there a way to add a timeout or something similar? Thanks