Audio only works after mycroft-start restart all

Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb
Linux picroft 5.10.103-v7l+
Picroft: 21.2.2
Audio Output: Headphone Jack
Audio Input: ReSpeaker 4mic array

I have gone through the Audio Troubleshooting guide.

  1. Mycroft reboot
    • No audio in Mycroft - No output and no input
    • Mic indicator at 0
    • Typing a question in the cli-client results in text response but no audio.
  2. Run “mycroft-start audiotest”
    • Audio gets recorded from ReSpeaker and played out headphone jack.
    • Weird, at least my hardware works!?
  3. Run “mycroft-start restart all”
    • Mycroft now plays out through the headphone jack and records from ReSpeaker.

How can I get this to work without requiring a service restart? I’ve been digging through the logs but I haven’t seen any glaring issues.

I’m not an expert at all but i just spent a weekend fighting with alsa and pulseaudio and some stuff is still fresh in my memory. What does mycroft-config get listener.device_name say?