Auto translation

Mycroft is designed in a way that makes it easy to translate and support new languages

I have covered in a previous post how to add support for a new language, but being an AI software, could we do even more than just supporting languages?

Humans when presented with a new language would have trouble understanding it, an AI can use the internet, near real time access to our collective knowledge, why not use the available mechanisms to translate things in unknown languages?

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So, from your perspective, is it worthwhile to do something like translate all vocabulary to the top ten languages, using something like Google Translate as a base point, even if though those translations will be of poor quality? They could also be flagged on a TODO list so that anyone who speaks that language natively would know which ones to fix.


yes, i have a skill doing that on boot automatically for the language in the config

i was thinking along the lines of doing it real time when the need was detected (detect language from sound and text), translating vocab files is about supporting intents in other languages, i was also trying to cover understanding a language it is not configured for at all

detect lang -> change STT to understand it -> translate to current language so intent parser gets it -> process normally -> translate output if not in desired language

so language detection and support augmentation at boot, STT, intent and TTS level

adding a mechanism to flag the translations would also be awesome :slight_smile:

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Even getting the 80% right is a huge improvement. Not sure about any technical challenges, but like the common sense approach.

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i am currently detecting language and translating at the intent parser and in the speak method, on skill load i scan the dialog and vocab folder and auto translate them to current language

my mycroft is configured in spanish, i write english in the cli and the correct intents trigger, joke skill is speaking english jokes and they come out in spanish

and this is how im testing language support without speaking the language :stuck_out_tongue:

hey @Jarbas_Ai, are you using google translate for real time translation?

yes, using google translate

skills like the jokes skill or web scrappers that generate speech at runtime are not easy to translate, why not translate before speaking the message?

some fallbacks, say AIML chatbot, require english input, why not translate before passing it to the fallback handler?

language_detect and translate methods are all we need

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