Bicroft, a picroft for a bicycle

Hey Mycroft
I was cycling into the nearest town and thinking, has anyone thought about a mycroft for a bicycle, a personal assistant and satnav sort of thing. Is it possible to power an RP from a 12v bike generator and incorporate a gps system?
I can’t even get my picraft to work so I won’t be able to do it!

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A pi3 runs on a supposed max 5v2.5a input, so a 12v1a power supply would be capable (with converter) of running api. Probably better to get an external power pack and run it on that, charging it at the endpoints. There’s gpsd, and various gps modules you can use as well. And then you’d have to write a skill to take advantage of that. Which I am looking forward ti.

This proposed bicroft, what components would it/could it have; a screen a voice hat as well as gps? could a pi do all this? Could you suggest components?

Really a matter of your imagination and skill…there’s pi screens from 1.5" to 10" you can buy. I couldn’t see using a 10" on a bike but that’s just me, for instance. Try one piece at a time and get that working, then integrate them once you have comfort with each part?