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Blue LEDs for ReSpeaker 2-Mic Array

Hey Everyone,

Hope this helps anyone looking to get Blue LEDs on their ReSpeaker 2-Mic Array

I’ve forked @Dony71’s great work on the ReSpeaker 2-Mic Array LED Skill

The multicolour LED work is superb, but I wanted the LEDs to glow blue, as this suits my home automation setup. I’ve made changes for this to happen out the box, and also amended the settingsmeta.json to remove the ‘name’ attribute as this seemed to be producing a warning in the version of Picroft I’m running. I’ve also made a number of small tweaks, and updated the readme to include install instructions.

I’m extremely new to all this, so hopefully the above helps any newbies like me


Nice one - I hadn’t seen the original version of the Skill either.