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Bluetooth pairing issue


I’m trying now to run mycroft on a raspberry pi3, I’ve tried two version of Picroft ( 2018-3-14 “Pi Day” release and 0.9.1) and followed the istruction here but I can’t do the pairing with my bluetooth speaker.

The “scan on” command simply can’t find any device, and I’ve other 3 bluetooth device active in the room so I should at least see some of them.

Also: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover give me a “Failure: module initilization failed” error and a dmesg output a " hci0 command 0x0x14 tx timeout" error

Someone managed to use bluetooth sucessully on Picroft ?


Bluetooth output on Picroft appears to be one of the most problematic issues to solve; there have been several threads over the last few months but nothing definitive I’m afraid;


Yeah I’ve noticed a couple of those post, thanks anyway for pointing them to me. I’ve installed a regular raspbian stretch lite and the bluetooth work regularly so for me is a Picroft issue, I guess I’ll do my test with a usb audio card for the moment


Hi @Decagrog

I’ve also experienced the same issues. Damn painful really.

However, I’ve discovered a work around. Although not ideal, it does work every time.

  1. Remove the device that you want paired from the Bluetooth GUI. (if it is there)
  2. Open a terminal and input the following, step by step:
    power on
    agent on
    scan on

cd /home/pi
sudo killall bluealsa
pulseaudio --start

pair 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)
trust 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)
connect 21:22:33:44:57:7B (mac address should be replaced with your devices’)

And that’s it, you should be good to go with sounds on your device.

Hope this helps.

Nathan King


Hi Nathan,

Right now I’m testing another voice recognition framework but it’s great that you find a workaround for the bluetooth! I need a really compact system and can’t allow to use a usb audio stick, so I’ll give it a try as soon I’ve some time


Hi @Decagrog

No worries, good luck with your current testing.