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Booting Mark II from USB drive different from the one included in the DevKit extremely slow


I built and installed the Mark II DevKit and it’s working fine, with an acceptable booting time and good response times.

Since I need to make some developments and tests in the Basque language, I bought another USB drive, and when I burnt the downloaded OS image into it and booted the Mark II, it took much much longer to boot than the other USB drive. The WiFi connection process took ages, and now it is saying that it needs to be activated but does not show the pairing code although I have waited for half an hour…

Why is it so slow? The USB drive bundled in the DevKit had 16 GB and the new one has 64 GB. Might this be the cause? If not, what? The new one is USB 3.1, the provided one I do not know… What are the required features of the USB drive to boot with normal times, such as the ones with the provided drive?