Broken sound input after change of wakeword, Problems with voicetype

Hey, was wondering of anyone here could help me with this, as I have not been able to fix it on my own: When switching the wakeword of a paired picroft to “Hey Erza” using the remote config at, the mic seems to stop being able to properly pick up voice inputs. The “Mic Level” display shows the yellow bar going far up when the mic picks up sounds.
Another issue is, that changing the voice type in the web interface to “American Female” does not seem to have any effect, the voice stays the same.
Really hope someone can give me some advice on this, thanks in advance!

Okay, I managed to make the changed wakeword work, but the voice type still doesn’t switch…

If i remember correctly the „American“ voices require the „Support Mycroft“ membership?

Hey there,

We’re doing some maintenance on the “American Female” voice at the moment, so best to stick with American Male for the moment.

For the wake word, is there anything in particular you changed to make it work?