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Building Mimic after install

Thank you for this wonderful piece of software!

During initial install, when Mycroft warned me that building Mimic locally might “take a while”, I chose not to build it. I didn’t realise this would mean that TTS functionality would fail until I manually set up Google TTS (this question describes the same problem - seems like the initial message could be clearer on this point? Will file an issue in this regard).

I’d like to build Mimic locally now though since my internet connection sometimes fails. Is there a way to do this? How should I go about it?

Thanks a lot!

From directory mycroft-core: scripts/
Don’t know if you need the venv, but it don’t think so as it is not sourced in the setup script.

You shouldn’t need the venv for the build, since it’s a binary and not a python tool?

You can also re-run with a -fm flag for “force mimic”

./ -fm

In case anyone finds this thread wanting to do the opposite, there is also a -sm flag for “skip mimic”