💡 Introduction: Winael, backer



My name is Winael.

I discovered this project with the support you received from Canonical and the Ubuntu Community. Thanks to them, their sharing their enthousiasm and now here I am.

As soon as I read that Mycroft is based on Ubuntu Snappy, I said ‘OK I need this stuff’. And when you announce that a client will be land on desktop and maybe on the Ubuntuphone with stretch goal 1, I become a real real fan.

As an Ubuntuphone Insiders, I will happy to help to promote a give feedback for the Ubuntuphone part :smiley:

Congratulations to all the team, and Mycroft will really rocks !



Awesome, welcome Winael. We will need you to help test and make sure Mycroft works great on Ubuntu Phone! Glad to have you!


Hi Ryan,

I’ll very happy to help… at the condition that I put Samantha voice (Her from Spike Jonze) [aka Scarlett Johansson] on it ^^

Can’t wait to make demo of this during event where i present the phone