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Can I use a different STT API for selene-backend instead of Google?

I’m working on setting up the back end and there’s an entry for Google API for STT. I have deep speech working that is hosted on localhost. Could I somehow use deepspeech or a different STT with the backend?

Start here. Disclaimer: Lots of people have done this, but I haven’t, I’m just driving by with a link drop to docs. That said, there are chat forum residents who know it very well. I mention all this because anything still labeled Mozilla DeepSpeech is at least a few weeks out of date, but there are definitely people using Coqui right now, so if the instructions don’t work, speak up =P

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Yeah the DeepSpeech config should work - definitely let us know if it doesn’t.

For anyone finding this trying to get Coqui STT support - my understanding is that the Coqui STT doesn’t use the same interface as the DeepSpeech STT. So whilst you can use Mozilla TTS config for Coqui TTS - you can’t use DeepSpeech for Coqui STT. It’s going to need it’s own plugin.

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