Change virtualenvwrapper to pipenv?

According to the official Python site [] Pipenv is recommended over pip and virtualenv. I’ve recently switched from Ubuntu to Arch Linux and am finding that the python-pipenv package conflicts with the python-virtualenvwrapper package, and that mycroft-core is wanting virtualenvwrapper.

Consider switching to pipenv?

I’m going to flag @forslund and @Wolfgange on this one as they may have some thoughts.

The one we’re actually using nowadays for the github installation is the venv module provided by the standard library (Python 3.3+). There might be a stray apt package remaining if it tries to install the old virtualenv system.

I can’t argue with anything created by Kenneth Reitz but I’m also a bit hesitant to having this as an external requirement since for our purposes the venv works fine.

The better requirements handling of pipenv compared to pip sounds intriguing though…

Ah. It’s an artifact of the Arch Linux gang’s attempt to package Mycroft then. I actually originally filed the conflict as an Arch package bug first, and then, after thinking about it a bit more, I thought “Seems like the virtualenvwrapper is probably wired into the original source…” Hence, my bringing it up here. So, the Arch folks need to be pulling from a more recent source at the Mycroft end. Good to know. Thanks.

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