Changing language - Hindi

I was able to debug and the issue is from extract_datetime(). Looks like and are not completely in place. Is there a way to validate this code offline.

Also, are there any in built skills that does not require date and time.

I think the Mycroft-IP skill does not use date/time


Iā€™m not sure what you mean @madhukar by validating the code offline?

Do you mean try to get the code working with a Skill that does not make internet based requests? The Reminder, Alarm and Timer Skills are local to the Device and do not require an internet connection.

I thought may be I could test and directly on some python editor and validate each function by giving some inputs. If it is fine then I could move it PI. Is this possible to do so. Iā€™m quite new to Python programming.

Thanks. I will try this.

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Sure, so to test it, you would need to overwrite the relevant file on the Raspberry Pi.

From memory, the and files are at;

Thanks I will try it.

Meanwhile, I had implemented a new skill which does not deal with any date or time. The output of the request is text. I would like to translate the text to current language (Hindi) before submitting it to TTS engine. I believe mycroft does not provide translate functionality. Is my assumption correct?

I tried to use googletrans, but whenever I tried to import googletrans I see an exception in that skill. I gave the import as

from googletrans import Translator in of that particular skill.

How can I import google translate library?

I would like to inform that I already installed googletrans package

Hi @madhukar

Yes, that is correct. Mycroft does not provide any translation functionality.

To use a package with a Skill, ensure that the package name is in requirements.txt.

To load a package while you are testing a Skill, first enter the virtual environment;


then, install the package;

pip3 install googletrans

Having the package in requirements.txt means that Mycroft will try to install the package with pip3 when the Skill is installed.

Best, Kathy