Changing wakeword locally

Hi all,

I’ve changed my wakeword in mycroft.conf

// Hotword configurations
“hotwords”: {
“mister beels”: {
“module”: “pocketsphinx”,
“phonemes”: “M IH S T ER . B IY L Z .”,
“threshold”: 1e-90,
“lang”: “en-us”
// Specify custom model via:
// “local_model_file”: “~/.mycroft/precise/models/something.pb”

But thisonly takes effect when I change the wake word at Is there a way that I can simply have the wakeword changed locally without changing it at ?



Edit your local mycroft.conf file and use something like…

  // Hotword configurations
  "hotwords": {
    "yourwordhere": {
        #"module": "precise",
        "phonemes": "U R FO NE M Z HE R E",
        "threshold": "1e-30",
        "local_model_file": "/home/pi/.mycroft/precise/yourwordhere.pb"