Chat reached limit of members


I tried joining the chat but I got the following message :

Unable to create the new team membership because the team has reached the limit of members

Is the chat no longer accepting new members ?

limitation due to mattermost config. Don’t know why this limitation even exists. I’ll ping the devs.

But this only applies to Channel “General” and sometime soon “Random”

I can’t even access the channels. This is what the landing page looks like :

Should be resolved now.

The limit exists on paid versions of mattermost, per a chat message about this, there’s a switch to the community version planned which will remove the user limit coming soon.

Yup all good now.
Just out of curiousity, why not use something like Discord ? Seems easier to setup with no limits on the number of users and people are familiar enough with it.

Privacy and open source were the big drivers, as I recall.

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