Chatbot Skill not working


Hi, I just installed the Chatbot Skill on my Picroft, but when I ask “Are you a robot?” it gives the standard “I don’t understand” answer. I tried to install again, then Picroft said “this skill is already installed”. When I ask “What is the name of my dog?” (as suggested in the skill description) then mycroft tells me it’s own name.

Am I doing something wrong or is the skill simply not working?


Which skill are you refering to ? there isnt any skills in market for a Chatbot.

Does anything show up in the logs ?

Log are located at /var/log/mycroft, and the most interesting would be the skills.log




Author: JarbasAI nielstron forslund

Are you a robot?

What is the name of my dog?

This is a AIML fallback using the Alice chatbot files. This is based on the works of JarbasAI to work stand-alone in the current mycroft-core (2017-08-09).


Ohh that skill :slight_smile:

Just installed it on my picroft, and it loads fine. Then I looked at the skill, and it has a setting to enable it on
But it dosnt for me get activated as fallback. Dont know why though. Think maybe @Forslund could explain something here ?
There are some open issues on the GitHub repo that sounds like it dosnt work :frowning: But one would expect it did work when it is in the market….


Thanks @andlo to mention that it needs to be enabled in the settings. I did that as well but forgot to mention it. So let’s hope someone could help, it’s indeed strange that it’s offered officially on the website but doesn’t work at all. Even more, that nobody ever realized that :slight_smile:


I did a quick check and I think I’ve found the issue. The skill was not updated when mycroft-core changed how checkboxes are returned (previously a string “true” or “false”, now actually python booleans) so the skill never understand that the checkbox on home is checked.

I’ll do an update of the skill.


Thanks a lot @forslund !! :slight_smile:

So it should be automatically be updated by Mycroft, is that correct or do we need to update manually?


As soon as the is accepted into the skills repository it will be updated. I have pushed changes so you should be able to ask mycroft install the beta version of the aiml skill to try it out now.


Thanks @forslund but I’m afraid to break something :grin:
I rather wait till it’s fully implemented and stable (I’m an end-user and I already had to reinstall Picroft more than 20 times and now it’s finally working almost 90%, so I don’t want to risk it :sweat_smile:)


I can confirm the beta works - it is fun having a silly conversation with mycroft :slight_smile:

Thanks @Forslund


@andlo: if I would install the beta version now, is there a possibility to interfere with an upcoming (and official) stable version later on? If not, how to install it? (I’m a newbie and have no idea how you made that, but always willing to learn more :slight_smile: )


Using beta always gives the posibility that it dosnt work :wink: But I wouldnt be afraid about that - specialy not by a skill from @Forslund.

If you install the beta as described, you can uninstall it later by “Hey mycroft, uninstall the aiml skill”

And then, when the one in market is updated, install that by Hey Mycroft, install aiml skill"


@andlo I thank you for the kind words (and that you tested the beta!) but I think your confidence is misplaced. I only get things working by failing repeatedly :slight_smile:


That is the way I do to. I just try to learn form every failure I make.

I do hack the h*** out of the mycroft and picroft to figure out how and where, and dooing that Ill break stuff all the time. But are getting better and better to reinstall skills or reflash and get the picroft back up running again :slight_smile:


The skill in the market is updated.


@forslund Hello sir, Im having trouble with the aiml, its says “on intent failure” how should i fix this, please help. Thank you sir!