Communication with Mark 1/How to edit standard skills?

Hi, newby here! I got my Mycroft Mark 1 about a week ago, and since then I’ve been trying to make sense of how to add/edit/change skills. I’m somewhat familiar with python, but things like git are new to me. Some friends have set up a git repo for me to which I can push new skills and from where Mark can pull to use them, and that works quite well actually! The problem with this is that it only contains the new skills I put in there and therefore I can’t alter the ‘standard’ skills that are on there (I would like to add some language folders for it to be able to be used in Dutch). I can directly write on the mark 1 using a ssh connection but I would rather use a more elaborate program to write/edit the code. Can you guys help me out with this? Also, how do you communicate with your external device in general? I’m learning how to use git but I’m wondering if this is the ‘normal’ way to do this or if there is a more convenient way?

Thanks in advance, cheers from the Netherlands!

Git and Github is really good for this type og devolopment. But offcause one has to learn how to use it :slight_smile:

If you go to the skills sektion on, you can go from there to the githup repo that holds the skills. You can then fork one or many skills from there. When you fork you make a copy on your own GitHub repo. That way you can do what you want adding and changing on your fork of the skill.

Some Git verbs is
fork - make own repo copy of a repo
pull - download local copy of a repo
push - upload local changes to a repo or changes from one repo to another

Please bear in mind im to is not that familar whith git and GitHub so this is just my understanding of it :slight_smile:

Also notise that mycroft has mycroft-msk - mycroft skills kit - a good helt to get all the basics setup for a new skill.


Excellent comments by @andlo

We usually find that programmers and developers want to communicate with their Mark 1 using SSH - and we have instructions here.

The msk is very useful for Skills development on a Mark 1. If you use Linux though, we often find that doing Skills development on a Linux machine is easier, then you can git push the Skill up to GitHub, and git pull it down again on to the Mark 1. Instructions for Mycroft on Linux are here.

I know that our CTO and all-round Top Bloke :tm:, @steve.penrod has given the question of a ‘standard development environment’ for Mycroft a lot of thought, including a mechanism for the editor to be able to access a Mycroft device directly, such as through SFTP or similar, but we’re not quite there yet.

If you’re interested in Skills development for Mycroft, we also have an active Chat channel.

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