Configuring Emby server


It is strange, because by default when you SSH into a Picroft it should load the CLI automatically. So re-imaging the card is not a bad idea.

If you want to try one other thing, I would first run:
to shutdown all the mycroft-core services. Then:
mycroft-start debug
that will start all the services then should launch into the CLI.


I have re-imaged the sd card with
After sshing in from laptop I still cannot get to the cli client.
As you suggested I tried mycroft-stop and mycroft-start debug and now I get ‘ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host’
No option to pair with server, and no audio input/output (I have raspiaudio pi hat). Another big fat nothing muffin!


Can you check that your IP address is correct by saying:
Hey Mycroft, what is my I P address?


Pycroft is an ex croft. It no longer works.
I re-imaged the sd card and now I cannot talk or speak to him. When I ssh into him I get no rout to host. Please see my last post.
I suspect there is something wrong with the image, but I haven’t really got a clue.


Do you have a monitor that you can plug the Raspberry Pi into?
This will let you see what is happening on the device as it boots


Yes please. I have screen an keyboard ready


Hi Aaron,

Sorry for disappearing, had to jump into a meeting then I crashed as it was around 2am in Australia. The joys of working globally!

When you re-imaged the SD card, did you attach the monitor and keyboard to run through the setup process? Did that complete successfully?

What do you see on the screen when the Picroft boots up now?

If you are on your picroft with a terminal prompt, like (.venv) pi@picroft:~ $
Can you get your enclosure.log by running:
cat /var/log/mycroft/enclosure.log | nc 9999
Then post the link here. Hopefully that will show what is going wrong during startup.