Configuring Mycroft not to use the mic but audio stream / file

How can you config Mycroft / STT engine not to use the mic but an incoming audio stream or audio file from another server? Any ideas?

How would you be using that?

I would use a lightweight server A which holds the mic and would like to send the recorded audio stream to a second server B which runs Mycroft doing the computing stuff (STT, skill, TTS) and sends back the answer to A.

Could be this wiki page is useful to you.

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Great wiki, i will definitely test this, thank you.

How i can configure Mycroft not to use any TTS engine or a dummy one as i want to send back the generated text file back to another server and process TTS there?

As this question is not related with the original one and thread subject, I think better open a different post.

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You are right…(20 char)