Control speech speed TTS


I recently installed mycroft on a RPI and am trying to use it but found that the basic voice to be hard to understand. I changed the voices a few times but although i found one that feels more natural (within reason), i find myself often unable to understand what is being said.

This is in no way a criticism of the software, as i find myself sometimes struggling to understand what people are telling me in real life and often have to ask to repeat, but with a robotic voice with less than perfect intonation is extremely hard.

I was looking for a way to slow down the voice ever so slightly so it’s easier to understand.

I looked over the forums and googling found me nothing.

Is There any way to make the text to speech more intelligible?

Hi, i have the same problem. Just installed the Cocktails-Skill, but there’s no chance to understand, because i’m not a native speaker. Although i’m quite good in understanding television, movies and news, the amount of unknown words, the intonation and the speed is hard to understand for me. A slow down in speech speed would help…


This depends on the TTS engine you are using. espeak has a “words per minute” parameter, while other TTS engines can not manipulate the speed.