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Controll Phillips hue lights

Hi Everybody

Im a 15 year old student, who wanted to make a Picroft device as a school project. The installation of Picroft worked totally fine on my Raspberry pi 3 model B and picroft responds to me. My goal was to connect my Phillips hue light bulbs with the picroft, so that i can turn the lights off just with my voice. So I installed the Wink IoT skill, downloaded the wink app for my smartphone and connected it with my phillips hue account. Then I went to the mycroft skill settings, and added my Wink account to the wink skill. From the wink app i cant turn my lights on and off with no problem, but when i ask picroft to do so i dont get any answers from it.

Do you actually need a Wink hub to make this work, or what am I doing Wrong?

Any Help is appreciated!!!

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Hi @Legolas_21, Welcome!

You might want to look into the Philips Hue skill:
Iā€™m not sure what the current status of it is/if it will work, but try installing it using the command msm install