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Conversation Mode

Mycroft should be able to open a conversation mode in case a user wants to issue multiple commands and inquiries without using the wake word before each one. It could also have a pause/unpause function for side discussion.

As a user, this would simplify issuing multiple commands and inquiries at once, such as for climate controls in home automation or other list of utterances.


[user has a note taking skill opened for a grocery list]

User: " [command to open conversation] Add butter. Add milk. Add bread. [command to pause] Do we need eggs?"

Spouse: “Yeah, that should probably be added to the list.”

User: “[command to unpause] And add eggs. [gives command to read back]”

[Mycroft reads back the text]

User: “Thank you, Mycroft.”

[conversation ends]

There is such a thing, and it’s in some of the default skills…which i sadly do not have a link to a relevant one. Someone else will be along to share one soon, I would imagine.

I would hope so. I haven’t see anything on it. I’ve only seen documentation on using one wake word per utterance.