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Custom wakewords R Us!

I believe that’s right, be sure to check the voice.log to see that it loads as expected.

As addition;

tar zxvf filename.tar.gz

Or, for modern versions of linux tar, just “tar xf $filename”

Hello Baconator
please check

                                                                       Regards, Geordy

You fork that repo, then follow the instructions and upload to your own. After you’ve gotten that completed, submit a Pull Request and I’ll check it out.

So after a month of trying, I power up Mycroft this morning and he is not responding to Hey Mycroft. So rebooted him and try again 3 times. Then just thought what the hell, Hey K9. and he responded, I then asked K9 what is your listener, he responded with precise.

So K9 is working exactly the way i want…
Thank you, Did you do anything to make this happen?

                                                                    Regards, Geordy
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This looks great! but i need a bit more of explanation of how to use custom wakewords, do we need a set of files for each wakeworkd we want to use? or is it like a repository with many wakewords added?

As suggestion i think easy pronounceable names would be great to add, something like: Carl, Elvis, Mia, Ana or Danica or neutral names like Alex, River or Milan.

The problem with short names is they get false triggers far more often. Saying Hey xyz isn’t significantly more difficult than just xyz in any case.

Yes, you’d need to record a set (10+, 20 or more is better and 50 is great) of wav files with your wake word if you want to make a custom model.

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