Deep Speech Tagger - Need an UNDO button

The Precise Wake Word Tagger has this feature but the Deep Speech one doesn’t for some reason. I’ve found my concentration wander occasionally and I realise I’ve pressed the wrong button but I can’t undo my error.

Would also be great if you could implement hot keys (similar to how the Common Voice website does it). The touchpad on my laptop is all sorts of nasty and having to use it to flit between the options is slowing down this ol’ keyboard warrior. :wink:

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Thanks so much for raising this @Raistlin_Majere, I’m going to tag my colleague @Mn0491 on this one. Again, we really appreciate you taking the time to provide this excellent constructive feedback.

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@Mn0491 would you like me to write this up as a feature request Story on the tartarus-web repo?

I see that at some point an undo button was added for us taggers, but for me anyhow it does not seem to function properly. The only thing that happens when clicking it is a spinning circle appears but I am not given a chance to go back and correct my response to the prior audio clip.

Hi gooberSmash, thanks for flagging that.

The undo button is broken at the moment unfortunately. We’ve got an open ticket on it so hoping it will be fixed up soon!