Default skill changes will not register

Hello All,

I was making a few changes to the file in the default Joke skill that comes with Mycroft. The changes can be seen in my github branch: (all changes are commented)

I am running into an issue where the skill is working with my changes, making the proper GPIO outputs. Then I reboot and the skill does not even register (meaning when you ask it “Tell me a joke”, it responds with “Please re-phrase your request”). However, I will go to the file, comment out my changes, save the file, go back in to the file, un-comment my changes, then the skill works properly sending the correct GPIO ouotputs AND telling a joke. Upon reboot, the same problems repeats. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

ALSO, I copied the skill I altered into a new directory, then uploaded it to a new repository on github. My Picroft was telling me I uploaded sucessfully however when I would go to the skill none of my changes uploaded, only the unaltered joke skill that comes with mycroft. Then I had to make all my changes within github itself. Anyone know how to solve this issue as well?

Thank you in advanced to anyone that can help

Hi there @dleweyiv, first of all good on you for having a go at modifying an existing Skill! :+1:

There is some information which will help us to help you:

Looking at the code (good commenting by the way), I couldn’t see any immediately obvious errors, but the logs will tell us more.

I am using a Picroft environment, and the issue is I am actually not receiving any errors when attempting to use the skill, instead the skill is just not triggering and the fallback-unknown skill is triggering instead…I am currently afk but I can attempt to look at the logs tomorrow to send them to you. In the meantime do you have any thoughts about why this skill is not being recognized?

Thanks so much for the response

You’re very welcome, we’re here to help!

Thanks for the extra information.

What you describe is the Intent not being recognised. If mycroft-core does not recognise the Intent, then it uses the fallback. The things I’d be checking are;

  • That you have the right vocab defined
  • The most common error when an Intent is not detected is a Python error in the function that handles that Intent. So, try isolating them one at a time to determine which Intent handling function has the error.