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Delivery update?


I am an indiegogo preorder and got my survey a week or two ago. How will I know when mine is going to ship? Are shipping emails with tracking being sent out?


Do we have a guide to delivery dates for UK backers?


So I got mine today, after I’d paid a £26.64 customs charge!!! Livid


I’m from France, I didn’t have to pay customs charge. Is it random ? Maybe I got lucky ?

For those who haven’t received their package. Be prepared to be mad!!
Because even though we paid an extra 46$ premium, they haven’t thought about localization. So you need to buy an adaptor, because they just give you an US one. Here are the requirements.


Yep I’m pretty sure I specified UK plug but I had to dig out a travel adaptor. Altogether a chaotic process. I’m just waiting for them to say that we have to pay to access skills. Mind you, not that there’s any documentation whatsoever on how to configure any of the skills. Really close to just cutting my losses and binning my glorified alarm clock and getting an Amazon echo.


Ugh, indeed a very strange pieces of metal extruding from the adaptor, no way this is going to fit in with normal power sockets. So apart from having to pay €31,00 on taxes, I have to buy another adaptor as well. Pity.


It needs a travel adaptor.


We have learned a lot from our first Kickstarter and Indiegogo deliveries and we hope to implement updates to shipping and delivery. We appreciate the patience the community has shared with us while we learn.

Thank you for the support and we will work to make Mycroft better. Look for more updates to the software soon!