Dictionary Skill


A skill to find out the definition/meaning of a specific word from dictionary.

How to install Dictionary Skill

  • Install Dictionary Skill by …

    • mycroft-msm install https://github.com/smearumi/mycroft-dictionary.git
    • you can install via Installer Skill from web interface (https://home.mycroft.ai/#/skill ).
  • Dictionary Skill connects to Oxford Dictionaries API …

    • At first, you must obtain your API credentials from “Oxford Dictionaries”. Please sign up/login into https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/ and get your API key credentials (i.e. Application ID, Application Key).

    • You can configure this skill via web interface (home.mycroft.ai). After a few minutes of having the skill installed, you should see configuration options in the https://home.mycroft.ai/#/skill location.

    • Fill this out with your appropriate information and hit save.

    • OR If you desire total privacy, please edit your config file located at:
      If it does not exist, create it. This file must be contain a valid json, add the following to it:

      "DictionarySkill": {
          "base_url": "https://od-api.oxforddictionaries.com:443/api/v1",
          "language": "en",
          "app_id": "YOUR APPLICATION ID",
          "app_key": "YOUR APPLICATION KEY"

How to test Dictionary Skill

  • Configure the Dictionary Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
  • Speak define cat
  • Mycroft should tell the definition of the cat

Where feedback on Dictionary Skill should be directed a

Feedback will be apriciated here or through Issues on GitHub.


Great one!

Just curious how many languages does oxford dictionaries have. I see on their site they have English and Spanish (which is fine to me as I’m Spanish speaker)


great idea. Unfourtnaly i couldnt sign up - will try later.


And now i did sign up, and the skill is excelent :slight_smile: It works as expected precise and great :slight_smile:
Lovely work.


Thank you, this is a great skill and works nicely.


Please check all languages support: https://www.oxforddictionaries.com/our-story/our-languages
I have not tested all languages yet. I’ll add support for multi-languages very soon.


Works quite good. Now waiting for multi-language support! :smiley:


This skill seems to be working well…not only for the definition of cat, but other things too!!

Good skill!!