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Disable weather skill gui

I am running mycroft on bigscreen plasma and when asking the weather, mycroft displays the forecast for the week. The problem is it doesn’t display correctly at all on kde plasma bigscreen, and often requires a shutdown.

Can I disable the display and just get the voice response? That or if someone could direct me to the appropriate files to modify for proper display

There are some GUI fixes on github. Since you are running the master branch msm won’t catch those fixes. → manually :slight_smile:

(that said,i hope that those new commits dont need the core on branch dev)

how do I install that commit? I know how to manually install, but not with that correction.

msm remove the old and clone it in place. (like i said, i don’t know if it uses ressources that are only available on branch dev (core))

Which skills path do I clone under? /opt or mycroft-core

There is only one!!! /opt/mycroft/skills/

How do I clone the modified branch?

its the default branch

Install fixed the gui, but now it hangs on closing screen

Please check if you have the bigscreen-platform skill installed, Plasma Bigscreen / Mycroft Platform Skill for Plasma Bigscreen · GitLab it’s required for handling closing of windows after skills have finished

Do I install that with the rest of the skills under /opt?

yes to install it:

cd /home/mycroft/mycroft-core
source .venv/bin/activate
msm install
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now it does the same thing except it goes to black instead of translucent

I think it is a kde issue as it ow goes black when the screen keyboard pops up