Does not tell jokes

Skill name: Jokes

User story:

As a regular home user with family membersI want this Skill to have voice command feature so that I can have the mycroft tell jokes

A short and clear description of what the problem is, and how that differed from your expectations.

I look up the skills marketplace and see that the skill has a blue icon on the top left but no green tick on the top right. This to me confirms that the skill is installed. I they say “Hey mycroft, tell me a joke” or “hey mycroft, make me laugh” But all I get from mycroft I don’t undersand.

I try “Hey mycroft install jokes” but it does not understand either.
** Whether you are able to reproduce the problem consistently and how you do that.**
I repeated the process over the last 3 days.

Any changes you have made to the Mark II, whether that’s flashing a different operating system, or changing some configuration values.
I am using out of the box system. No changes. I have not even ssh into the device.

Anything else you can think of that might be helpful?
Seems that most of the other skills with only blue tick work.
Probably related to this conversation here: How to install skills on Mark II

Is there a better place to report bugs?

Yes, probably the GitHub instance I discovered.

But I have learnt since I posted the above that because the default is dunkum the install skill does not work with all skills.

I just plugged in mine today. Do you have a link to that issue tracker?

Found it: Issues · MycroftAI/mycroft-dinkum · GitHub