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Easiest bulbs to connect with Mycroft


I want to buy some connected bulbs, but I don’t know which are the easiest bulbs to configure with Mycroft, some of you have opinions ?




Mycroft will not be the one directly managing your bulbs, you will need Home Assistant with the right integration to interact with your devices (bulbs).

Once Home Assistant is working correctly, you will be able to install the Mycroft Home Assistant skill which will connect to your Home Assistant and control by voice some integrations.

I’m using IKEA and HUE mostly, Govee for LED strip, some TP-Link switches and plugs.

There exists a hue skill you can find which still works as well. If you only have hue (like me).

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Oh, so almost all brands of bulbs and others devices can interact with the Home Assistant skill on an Arduino Mycroft if I understood correctly ?

Many smart lights / bulbs work with HomeAssistant. I do not recommend using the Mycroft Hue skill, as it’s quite limited and no longer under active development as far as I understand. (You cannot control individual lights, which was very annoying for me.) It requires editing the .conf files directly and futzing around, and in general was much more trouble than it was worth.

I highly recommend using a HomeAssistant setup integrated with Mycroft. It’s much more usable and a smoother experience. I have Hue and LiFX bulbs in my setup.