Easiest way to use Mycroft completely offline


I have backed on the new Mycroft and want to use it ideally completely offline.
I have a central home automation server, that fetches all important data from sensors or apis that should be controled by mycroft.

But I want to avoid that my speech is sent to a server outside my controlled home-subnet.
So the question is, what is the easiest way to make mycroft work offline (without an extra server or with a self-hosted one.)


Hi there @skeltob, this is one of our most requested features - completely offline use. Unfortunately we don’t have good documentation on how to do this at the moment. I do know that some of our Community members have done this in the past, including @Jarbas_Ai and may have some guidance.


I’ve been waiting for a year on this and it still has not happened which is a complete shame considering the post about Google/Alexa and Siri recently:
Alexa_Siri_Google Hidden command attacks