Emby Music Skill Update - Testing And Feedback


Hello! This is an update to the existing Emby Skill. The current skill just plays an instant mix. This update adds the ability to:

  • Play an artist/album
  • Use the common play framework (you don’t have to specify Emby)
  • Transcode non mp3 files

How to install Emby Skill

  • Service Required

  • Install via msm:

  • Emby Skill connects to an Emby Server

    • The Host, port, username and password must be input at Mycroft.ai in the skills configuration section. Unless you’ve configured your Emby server to be available over the internet the Mycroft device and the Emby Server should be on the same network
    • Note: If you do not use a password to access Emby, leave the password field blank. Authentication of skill does not use Emby Connect.

How to test Emby Skill

  • Setup an Emby Server https://emby.media/ (If you don’t already have one :slight_smile: )
  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
  • Speak Play {artist/album/song} From Emby
      • Example: Play Thrice From Emby
  • You can also say Play artist {artist} From Emby
  • Play album {album} From Emby
  • Music should play based on what was requested

Skill Pass Criteria

  • Skill authenticates and plays an Instant mix from given Emby Server
  • Skill plays an artist/album if specifically asked
  • Skill plays music/artist/album using the common play framework (in the event no other music skill has higher priority)


Feedback can be provided in a few ways

  • via github issues
  • In response to this topic
  • In the Mycroft Chat -> @sampsonight

Unable to install emby skill direct from github repo

Fantastic Skill, thank you for your hard work. I am looking forward to digging into it later today. I will be sure to give feedback.



Any chance you were able to test out the changes? No rush if you haven’t, but if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know :slight_smile:


needs to be:

msm -l  install https://github.com/rickyphewitt/emby-skill 


Ahh I see. Thanks for the heads up!


Giving myself a fresh install. Works great plays from an Artist and Album. I have the tune in skill as well. I still need to specify “from emby” or it will default to the tune in skill.


Regarding the Tune In skill, I’m not sure what its intents are and/or if it uses the common play framework. I’ll look into install the Tune In skill on my mycroft and see if there are any interoperability improvements that can be made.


Looking at the TuneIn Skill our common play framework is implemented a bit different. The emby skill attempts to search emby for items related to the search, if found the skill will attempt to determine the type Artist/Album/Song and then apply weights on them. If no matches are found the skill returns None, if an album or artist is found CPSMatchLevel.Title/CPSMatchLevel.Artist are returned. The tuneIn skill uses regex to determine if the utterance is meant for tuneIn with a default ofCPSMatchLevel.Generic. I think there are improvements that can be made to the emby skill to provide a better common play experience. I’ve added a github issue to capture any work around updating the Common Play Framework experience in the emby skill: https://github.com/rickyphewitt/emby-skill/issues/40
While I don’t think this functionality is needed to update the skill to its current version in the mycroft skills repo I do agree that as more and more skills start to adopt the common play framework this part of the skill will become ever more important.