[Essentials] Severe Weather and Natural Disaster Warning


Skill Name:
Calamity Warning & Preparedness

Types of Warning:

  • Tornado
  • Flood
  • Heavy rain
  • Hurricane, cyclone
  • Strong winds
  • Hail
  • Wildfire
  • Snowstorm
  • Drought
  • Heatwave
  • Tsunami
  • Volcano warning
  • Earthquake
  • etc.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?
Some API.

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?
The closest is the Weather Skill which I am working on right now. This skill suggestion directly stems from my work on the Weather Skill. Given the calamities and natural disasters include more than severe weather conditions, I’m thinking this deserves a separate skill of its own.

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?
The skill is mainly meant to be an announce kind of skill. Broadcast when there is an alert for the local area. However, it could for instance contain knowledge about the history of natural disasters, explanations of how they arise, and what to do before/when they hit.

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?
Device location



Hey great idea, every moment counts in an emergency and I rarely listen to the radio or watch tv anymore so never get the typical warnings.

Has anyone seen a service that collates severe weather warnings?
I had a quick look, and wunderground seemed to be the best with both US and Europe covered, however they’ve shutdown their public API. The other API’s that support alerts seem to start at $250/month.

It might require accessing a range of sources depending on the location of the user eg:


Ya, it was a bummer they shut down their public API, I used to use it a lot.

Great idea for a skill though


weatherbit.io provides an API which combines several local weather warning services (among them NOAA for USA and Meteoalarm for Europe).
Requires an API-key which is free for non-commercial use.
PyPi package for weatherbit-API: https://pypi.org/project/pyweatherbit/

Openweathermap has a weather warning service as well…


This API might work https://reliefweb.int/help/api.

“ReliefWeb is the leading humanitarian information source on global crises and disasters. It is a specialized digital service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).”

Besides weather-related alerts and volcanoes, it also includes disease outbreaks.


I had a look at Weatherbit however the severe weather alerts aren’t included in the non-commercial tier

The openweathermap alerts seem to be your own defined parameters rather than any official severe weather warning, eg if temp > x and wind_speed > y:

relief web could be a good option


@gez-mycroft thanks for pointing out, i have overlooked the fact that weatherbit alerts are only available to paid membership starting at 160$/month.

@akuataja to my understanding Reliefweb provides a more historical view on (weather) disasters and only very general forecasts e.g. for a upcoming cyclone.

So far I dont see the availability of “global solution” with a one-size-fits-all API for all countries.

I suggest to concentrate on the services from NOAA/USA, Meteoalarm/Europe and BOM/Australia for now. For NOAA and Meteoalarm there are PyPi packages available. BOM provides RSS feeds for different regions/territories. It will be quite complicated to integrate all three into one skill as the query parameters and returned results are quite different. So it boils down to individual skills for the services/regions.

As a german/european citizen I offer to start with a skill for Meteoalarm…