[Essentials] Severe Weather and Natural Disaster Warning


Update: i am now able to parse CAP data from most of the national warning services that are listed by the Severe Weather Information Center. (Some of the services do not respond properly or provide only test messages.)

Right now i am working on geolocation filtering (turns out there a lot of different schematics for that), as you most likely don’t want to hear warnings about regions that are hundreds of miles away from your own location.

When everything works out as i want my NOAA and Meteoalert skills will become obsolete…


So here it is Severe Weather Information Skill

Currently local weather services for 24 countries are supported, the list will be updated and extended in the future.

Scheduled updates and automatic notification is not implemented yet. My NOAA and Meteoalert skills are now obsolete, i will archive the Github repos soon.