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Fallback skill not even attempting to load

I have two Mycrofts, one on VirtualBox and the other on native Linux.

I’m developing a custom fallback skill, and on VB it loads successfully from opt/mycroft/skills folder. On native Linux, it does not even attempt to load, the logs are empty and don’t even mention it, as if it was ignoring the folder whatsoever.

Any ideas? Permissions error? How would I grant correct permissions in such case?


Is there any output in the mycroft-cli console?
Permissions: check which permissions and ownership other skills have and apply the same to your skill-folder.

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You can view the owner user and group with:

ls -la

and to recursively change the permissions of everything in that directory:

cd /opt/mycroft/skill/my-skill
chown -R user:group *

Replacing my-skill, user and group with your own values. Often your user and group are the same but best to check another Skill as Dominik suggested.

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