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For Those Having Trouble Training a New Wake Word

Hello friends!

After much collaboration with my friend El-Tocino and others, I’ve written up a guide to getting your custom wake-word trained, building on the available wiki entries and articles from others. Surely, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants here, so I humbly submit this guide for the use of anyone who was having as much trouble getting a custom wake-word to work as I was.

I hope this helps someone, and I appreciate feedback and suggestions.


Thank you for the write up. I’ll give it a go this week, been putting it off for years! PocketSphinx really wasn’t that bad for me once I tuned its sensitivity.

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Yes but finding the correct levels is frustrating. And while my main ‘Mycroft’ is on a large Linux server, it’s name and wake word is genesis. However genesis is much more sensitive to my wife’s voice, but to add to the difficulty arises and my wife’s name is Janice and depending on the voice level there can be some confusion.

Sounds like you need to add a bunch more not-wake-words of “Janice”.