German corpus available for use with mimic recording studio?

Hello @gras64.

Since i am using your generated german corpus csv ( file for mimic-recording-studio is it okay for you if i use/upload the csv on my own github account with way more files (including wav files of my original voice recordings) when i reference to your github page?

Hey German fellows…
I am interested in this task, too. Could you post your state of things and actual tips/lessons learned?

I use the german corpus from @gras64 (2k phrases from MyCroft skills, 20k phrases from mozilla common voice, 10k phrases from wikipedia) with mimic-recording-studio (mrs) as docker container which works like a charm. As @gras64 and @gez-mycroft mentioned you need time, a lot of time for reading when you want useable results.

Since mrs saves data in sqlite db i use dbeaver to open database and create a metadata.csv for use as LJSpeech-1.1 structure (see

When you open db you’ll find two tables (audiomodel and usermodel).
Executing this query will output structure for metadata.csv.

select audio_id, prompt, lower(prompt) from audiomodel

Hope this is helpful.

Rumor has it that “soon” a german model for Mozilla’s TTS will be available.

Out of curiosity I joined the weekly TTS meetings some weeks ago and Thomas - one of the leading Mozilla TTS contributors - reported on his progress. To me that sounded like there is actual work done on a german model, although there was no target date given…

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Sound like good news.

I’m currently in contact with mozilla by email on contributing my voice samples from recording-studio. But they have questions about CC0 licensing from the used corpus.
Since it’s prepacked from MyCroft skills, common voice and wikipedia phrases it could be that it’s only partial usable for mozilla voice project.

If that works technically, I would do it too. and send my data to Mozilla

I extracted the “mozilla common voice” phrases (cc0) from @gras64 corpus, an export of sqlite db and some sample wav files and published them to my github account.
I wanted to upload all of my recordings (currently zipped around 1,3gb) and thats to much for github.

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I updated my github page and added a link to all zipped wav files currently recorded.