Greetings and a question about playing music

Hello Mycroft Community!

I really like the whole idea of this project and community. My first time here. I like music and audio books and I looking for the best way to be able to play those with mycroft. I found usb-music skill (GitHub - pcwii/usb-music: skill to automagically read music from a usb stick and play based on requests) on the net and installed it but it doesn’t seem to work or be in the market place. According to git it hasn’t been updated in 14 months and that maybe why it doesn’t work. I was able to SMB mount my content to my picroft. Really unsure how to proceed. I don’t have any real coding skills. I am looking for suggestions. Thank you very much for your time and any help you can offer.


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Thanks for the tip. Also new here and the skill I really want is to be able to play local music and it will be easier to develop using this old project, I think.