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Hard wired 'stop' button?

Hello Mycrofters, There are times when music is playing and the mic cannot hear ‘Hey Mycroft’ so as to stop the music. Is there a way to hard-wire a button to the GPIO pins of the RasPi 4 to do an immediate ‘stop’? I couldn’t find any docs on the Mark ‘X’ boxes.


-Mike M

Yes - But you have to have a skill that reads the pin and do yhe stopping and whatever you want it to do.

You can look at the Google AIY voicekit skill and see hpw it does use the pins and stop and start listning.

andlo/picroft-google-aiy-voicekit-skill: Enables google aiy voicehat button (

I have done exactly that and for the same reasons. You can see my skill at GitHub - WhyNine/pushbutton-speak-stop-skill. I have implemented a short press as being the same as “hey mycroft” and a long press as being stop. The pin the button is connected to and its polarity are set in the skill configuration so all you need to do is connect a button between the GPIO pin and ground or Vcc.

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@whynine - oh wow, thanks for the reply. I will check it out.

-Mike M