Hey Neon - Make me laugh - Mark II Voice Assistant update April 2023 Update to the Newest Neon AI!

We’re about to test our a Mark II with a 4GB Raspberry Pi. Love the modularity that makes choices like swapping out the Pi possible. :slight_smile: We’ll share our results, and are very interested to hear how it runs with an 8GB if you do set that up on yours.

tested 4GB and the free SSD and it does not boot at all

I juts get a spinning disk of doom - note I left it for at least 5 hours

That is very frustrating. IME if a drive doesn’t start booting within 2 minutes, it’s not going to.

Can you possibly email me a photo of the drive so I can track which batch it was from? I’ll send a replacement, and if you’d like to try re-imaging the drive that might work. We’ve found that because the space taken by the OS is so small compared to the size of the drive, if there is a small bad area in the drive there may still be plenty of space. clary@neon.ai

Yeah I tried reimaging the drive and also tried other OS and the same issue

I’m away from home at the moment but I’ll be sure to send a photo of the drive when I get home