HomeAssistant mismatching place names

I have several areas in my house, and the HomeAssistant skill has a bad habit of not recognizing area names. It gets the living room correct, and the office, and the porch, but it cannot match “Nate’s room”. It’s as though it translates all commands for “Nate’s room” to “Living room”, and then turns off the lights in the living room. This happens whether I speak the command, or type it into the CLI, and it happens for several area names, including “Little girl’s room” and “Big girl’s room” and “Master bedroom”. None of these sound like each other, and indeed, the command line feedback shows that STT is working correctly.

Messing around with the area directly from HA / Lovelace works just fine. Any thoughts?

(I wasn’t sure if this needed to go on the github page for the skill, or here…so if this is the wrong place, please let me know.)