Homeassistant skill misinterprets request


I appreciate the difficulty. Mycroft is more one-way oriented than Homeassistant and its ilk. HA is all about knowing the status of the devices it is responsible for. With Mycroft the onus is on the human to be aware of the status of the entities. It wouldn’t make sense to ask Mycroft to turn on the office light when you know it is already on. However it not difficult to dream up situations where the human didn’t know the current status. The ability to query an entitie’s status whether it is a sensor or a switch would be useul.

The beauty of MQTT ( here I go again ), is that one simply subscribes to a “TOPIC”, that is to say the entity plus its status. The subscribers could be a full on home automation system, a remote dashboard, or a generic app on your phone.

This has been interesting and I’ll try to keep up with the development of Mycroft, especially as it relates to IOT.


is .yaml going to be the new standard? Is .json defunct?


JSON is dead, long live JSON

JSON isn’t going anywhere and that includes in Mycroft. settingsmeta.json files etc will continue to be supported, we are just supporting yaml as well.