How can I set local values for timezone, metric units...?

I am using the time zone +8, I would like just ask for the time, not needing to add my location.

I am using C and km, but its set to F and miles. Can I change that?

Found it!
Go back to the registration web site (, login, select the device and REFRESH the page, then you get the location and in settings basic you can set C/km, save it.

However, even though I upgraded to the latest core version (0.8.3), the web site still tells me the original installed version (0.8.1).

I’m glad you were able to find it! I’ll take a look at the versioning issue, thanks :slight_smile:

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I have a similar problem but i have changed the setting on the website but when i ask for the weather i still get Fahrenheit.

it says i am running core 0.8.7 on the web site and core 0.8.6 on my Raspberry Pi it just did an up date yesterday.