How come no apt-get package?

You must get asked this all the time- (Can I suggest you make a sticky!) But why did you decide not to put MyCroft available as a package in a repository? Why make an installer script instead?

Seems odd,


Hi @Bog and welcome to he Mycroft Community.

Mycroft - the company - are working hard to make the MarkII hardware right and getting the core software and the core skills running smooth on that device. So not much spare time there.

But why dosnt the Mycroft Community make a debian/ubuntu reposotory and pack mycroft ina nice .deb package ?

That is a good question, and I think it is because no one has the time and interest to do it. But if you are the one, that would take that lead - I am sure others would help.

And if one is making a debian/ubuntu reposotory - why not make a Fedora/CentOS to - and what about other Distros?

What andlo said. There needs to be someone with the time and interest to do it, and more importantly, maintain it. There’s frequent releases of core updates, which would need to be handled. Also documentation for the relevant projects.

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